Entry #67

OK let's wrap this up!

2014-09-06 06:03:01 by FrostySlash

Well as you know Robert is currently taking a break.

And guess what? So am I.

"Seriously? You're taking a break because your friend is? What are you some sort of fucking copy cat?! Make your own decisions!"

OK OK, jee let me fucking explain.

Now I know that I'm begining to actually upload a little bit of content here, but there is so much stuff I need to focus on too!

For instance: I have gotten into OpenGL programming in Java, It's really interesting and a whole lotta fun too!

With the knowledge of knowing OpenGL, GLU and GLUT I could discover what I can do with my games that'll make them extremly good! I'm planning that when I get alot better at coding and my knowledge of maths and programming languages will be even greater, I'll make a game engine of my own!

I'm deep neck in programming and maths like never before, studying everything about computers has never been such a thrill to me and if I'll make really good games then it'll benefite all of us, right? Planning to work at computer science requires alot of planning and dedication, so If I want to get into a job I need more connections, skills and experience!


TL;DR: I'm getting ready for my future by learning a bunch of programming.


Also I'm studying architecture at my school now, it takes a whole lot of training and learning all the tools and concepts of it requires alot of dedication and work. In fact bobie is in this with me too!

This doesn't mean I quit animation or drawing, it just means I'm taking on other subjects in my life alongside it.

Everything is fine, Robert and I are still working on battle armadillo and WILL release it and it WILL be a better game then Devil Bugs was, there is no release date yet, but it'll come out eventually, and we hope you'll like it.

I hope that the 2/3 people reading this aren't disappointed lol, but still I felt the need to upload a post about it.
Sorry for all the nonesense-posts-about-nothing-important.

Keep doing your thang and stuff.

~ Frosty


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2014-10-13 08:01:33

duu manduss moovis plssss <333333 daniel pls

FrostySlash responds:

Lol nuh bruh.
First of all I was never good at doing madness in the first place
and I don't have any ideas for it.


2014-12-02 17:41:40

pls daniel pls

FrostySlash responds:

gibe de pusi pls


2014-12-04 11:59:09

do your homework first, danny boy

FrostySlash responds:



2015-06-04 15:25:05

i miss you, you ass


2016-01-02 06:00:32

sup dani