Where I currently am and where do I go.

2014-03-17 08:46:40 by FrostySlash


I've been recently doing alot of thought and making alot of decisions lately.

I decided I would like to expand myself a little more. 


What do you mean by that?


Well I mean this; As an artist and animator so far I have been going nowhere content-wise.

I've always kind of said that I'm learning and releasing more content and that I'll be more active and so forth.

But the truth is I've been isolating myself and not doing anything meaningful regarding my name here on this website.

I've been having some trouble at school, My grades have been going down and the chance of me getting into architecture (the tendency I've signed up for at my school) is very low.

In order for me to actually make it into architecture I would need to study alot and ace all of the next tests in order for me to make it into the tendency.

What I'm saying is this; I have no Idea how to manage my time.


For me to actually make content, Get more skills and master all of the things I want to accomplish I need to learn how to mix that with school.

The reason for me not really doing anything except learning 3D and programming is because for some reason everytime I open a project I either don't feel like working on it and grow tired of it very quickly or I just feel for some reason there's some school work that should be done first (which there is), But eventually I leave my computer and goof off until it gets late and keep saying "whatever I'll do it tomorrow" and then go back to my computer and keep learning and practicing on 3D.


My point here is that I want to mix school, learning and producing content together with ease, So I can have something interesting to show you instead of making a thousand posts about it and then not do it.


So where do I go from here


From here I'm going to start brainstorming and managing my time in alot more effeciant ways.

I'm going to keep up with school work, Content production and learning all at the same time.

There's always a way to manage your time, And if you learn how to do it, You can accomplish things alot more easily.

I hope some of the people who actually read my posts know the current situation I'm in and how I'll try to keep stuff going without having to take a huge break.

Even if no one is reading this, Atleast I got this off my chest.


So keep expecting stuff, Not sure if soon but expect some interesting content.



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2014-03-17 13:57:18

Damn, I wish more people would see this. Keep moving forward, dude!

FrostySlash responds:

Thanks mang.


2014-03-17 20:54:53

That's ok brah i understand hope you'll achieve your goals! ^^

FrostySlash responds:

Thanks dude c: